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Pez is a small, chubby baby with long pink hair. Bege reveals the fortress features of his body. Elle confie Pets à Bege avant de partir, lui disant de s'en occuper si quelque chose lui arrive. Tous deux voient le désastre qu'a causé Jack quelques jours plus tôt. [151] They then learned that Lola arrived at Dressrosa a few days before. Bege is a short man with a stocky build whose appearance is somewhat similar to that of a Mafia boss. [14], Bege has an excellent awareness of his surroundings. Quant à ses effets personnels, il porte parfois un manteau de capitaine pirate rouge et or et un chapeau de cowboy de style occidental, il semble le porter à des fins de voyage, et a été vu fumant un cigare. Capone Bege Capone Bege aime les boulettes de viandes et les tomates, mais déteste le jus de tomate. [12], La manière dont Jewelry Bonney se comporte quand elle mange l'insupporte au point de lui couper l'appétit. C'est essentiellement ce qui fait de Bege une forteresse à taille humaine et littéralement un homme-armée. After successfully escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege parted with the Straw Hats on good terms. Alors qu'ils sont attaqués par tous les pirates de Big Mom, César l'attrape et commence à fuir. [62] After Luffy showed Big Mom the portrait and she screamed, Bege prepared to assassinate the weakened Big Mom alongside Vito and Gotti. Capone Bege [26], Bege is a deceptive master of bluffing, as he was able to easily coerce Caesar Clown, a highly crafty and manipulative expert liar in his own right, into surrendering himself with effective death threats. HP : 3 300 000 HP. [12] During the timeskip, he became a subordinate of Charlotte Linlin[2] and married Charlotte Chiffon. Capone est un homme petit et trapu qui ressemble à un parrain de la mafia. They then became subordinates of the Emperor. Bege insiste sur le fait qu'il faut l'empoisonner ou y ajouter des explosifs, Sanji fait alors goûter son ingrédient spécial à Bege, l'amenant à s'évanouir brièvement. Bege grew up in the West Blue, where he became the boss of one of its Five Families of the West. [1], He then witnessed Roronoa Zoro walking in the path of a World Noble, nearly causing the call for an Admiral to the archipelago, if not for the intervention of Bonney. The Fire Tank Pirates initially intended to drop off the cake at Liqueur Island,[138] but Chiffon later told Bege that they needed to sail further on to Funwari Island, as the Straw Hats were going to Cacao Island and she wished to give them enough distance from Big Mom. Kapone Bejji [128] However, at that moment the Tamatebako that had been given as a gift to Big Mom fell to the base of the Chateau and exploded, causing the Chateau to tip over. [7] After the events of the Whole Cake Island Arc, it has increased to 350,000,000.[6]. Read more information about the character Bege Capone from One Piece? Capone Bege Bege parts ways with the Straw Hats after they escape the venue. Due to his allegiance and actions, he is the secondary antagonist of the Zou Arc. Cependant, lorsque Katakuri empêche Luffy de détruire la photo, Bege craint que le plan tombe à l'eau. 17 avr. Découvrez toutes les primes fixées par le Gouvernement Mondial en Berrys du manga One Piece. It also gives him a place to keep prisoners. The two later had a son named Capone Pez. [114], When the Straw Hat Pirates' Sanji Retrieval Team arrived at Totto Land, Bege kidnapped Pekoms while they were docked at Cacao Island. Informations Bege et son équipage, poursuivis par Big Mom, se dirigent vers l'Île de la Liqueur. [11], Après la naissance de son fils, Bege agit comme un père attentionné envers celui-ci, lui faisant des grimaces afin de le faire sourire.[2]. Caesar and Bege managed to reach the edge of the venue as the Vinsmokes stopped various members of Big Mom's crew from attacking them, but the Big Mom Pirates swiftly defeated the Vinsmokes, leaving Bege and Caesar vulnerable. Bege n'a pas réagi, mais son équipage a commencé un tumulte. 90 euros) Voir la figurine sur Amazon. Capone Bege is a character from ONE PIECE. He told Bege to surrender to keep his wife safe, and Bege seemingly agreed, but then sniped Oven with a bazooka blast once he came into view. Il envoie une carte d'invitation au cuistot qui concerne la Tea Party. He was also depicted as playing with guns, knives, and a fortress made of blocks, referencing his Devil Fruit abilities. Comme Don Krieg, Bege contrôle un certain nombre de subordonnés. [27] Bege hysterically laughed upon the collapse of the Whole Cake Chateau and the potential fall of the Big Mom Pirates, showcasing how much he's amused by the demise of the mighty and powerful. The two are happily married,[13] and Chiffon cares about Bege. Rechercher : Trier par année de sortie. Elle a augmenté à 300.000.000 pendant l'ellipse,[6] puis 350.000.000. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, & has been collected into 96 tankōbon volumes as of April 2020. Bege's men generally address him as "Father" similarly to the way that Mafia members address their high ranking leader as "Godfather". [13] Bege may also show appreciation towards his subordinates or outsiders that he has no hostile relationships with as long as they demonstrate enough competency. He even asked one of his men to deal with her and then stabbed his subordinate when he refused to cause a scene. L'Équipage du Fire Tank[1] L'Équipage de Big Mom[2] (anciennement) [159] He stood by holding his son, as Pound revealed that he is Lola and Chiffon's father. Much to his and the Big Mom Pirates' shock, the Thousand Sunny group was able to fight back and escape their clutches. Bege then entered the wedding venue, with his subordinates inside his body. [16] During the Zou Arc, he took part in the mission to capture Caesar Clown and bring Sanji to Big Mom's Tea Party for him to be married. [152] Bege then went into Dressrosa with Chiffon[153] to begin the search for Lola. [130] Bege rolled off on tank treads toward the coast, and was soon chased by a platoon of Big Mom Pirates. Dans le Nouveau Monde alors qu'il dîne, son navire se fait détruire en étant attiré dans les airs par ce qui semble être une île flottante. Caesar flies Bege away while the Vinsmoke Family covers for them. [147] The Fire Tank Pirates later took over a pirate ship before planning to go to Thriller Bark. [110] However, when Pekoms discovered that his homeland had been destroyed[19] and the Straw Hats had saved it,[111] he agreed to spare the Straw Hats in gratitude. English Name: One of them objected, warning him that they should not cause an incident that would draw the attention of the Marine Headquarters. To silence him, Bege ruthlessly shot Pekoms off a cliff into shark-infested waters. Bege noticed that the venue door homie was watching and hearing them, so he had Gotti cut its face off. Ils arriveront sur l'île de Dressrosa. [66] After Bege and his allies escaped the castle, the Big Mom Pirates immediately planned to pursue their enemies, including Bege and his crew. [42] As Big Mom was attacking him, Bege showed that he deeply cares about Chiffon, calling her his beloved wife whom he refuses to allow to die. Bege possède tout de même un côté sadique, et ce dès son enfance. [54], Bege has countless enemies among the criminal underworld in the West Blue, thanks to his habit of murdering the leaders of rival mafias and other criminal organizations in order to enjoy the bloody power struggles that followed. Ce dernier se met à saigner alors que sa forteresse subit des dégâts importants. Il a aussi la barbe des cinq heures de chaume sur sa lèvre supérieure. He also noted that even if the Straw Hat Pirates were as crazy as rumors would have it, Zoro was truly insane for drawing his blade against a World Noble. [22] Lorsque les invités arrivent au Château, Bege et son équipage s'occupent de la sécurité. Bounty: Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] Affiche Wanted de Capone Bege. [25] He can also manifest cannon ports and a drawbridge on his person. [47] While facing the threat of the Big Mom Pirates after his assassination attempt on Big Mom failed, Bege showed his resolve to protect his family, including his son. Capone Bege (in Japanese: カポネ・ベッジ, Kapone Bejji) is a pirate in One Piece. Signifiant : Katakuri ordonne à Bege de tuer Luffy, mais Bege refuse et déclare que si Katakuri peut voir un peu dans le futur, chacun a le pouvoir de le changer. Bege est quelqu'un de très patient car pendant sa conversation avec Sanji, il a mis un peu de temps avant de parler du sujet et a même traité Sanji "d'impatient". Japanese VA: Nekomamushi asked what had happened to Pekoms, and Bege fled Zou with Sanji and Caesar in tow. [142] The Fire Tank Pirates hijacked a Tarte ship and set sail on it, and they were able to escape Totto Land without further issue. Il déclare être un ami de Pekoms et qu'ils ont été attaqués par l'un des membres d'équipage de Jack. [105], After the war ended, he commented that, in an instant, Whitebeard's territorial waters were transformed into a sea of blood, implying that his territories lost their protection and it was only a matter of time before chaos ensues. He is a mafia don-turned-pirate and the captain of the Firetank Pirates from West Blue. Curiously, in spite of being forty before the timeskip, he is shown to have grown to at least Sanji's height as seen from their initial confrontation. Malgré cela, ils constituent la principale force de Capone Bege car ce dernier les utilise dans le combat. Bege even managed to estimate the time gap between dropping the photo and when Big Mom's tantrum started. Birthday: Château Bege is a short man with a stocky build whose appearance is somewhat similar to that of a Mafia boss. Malheureusement pour lui, Dias se retrouva dans la collection de capitaines pirates d'un Dragon Céleste, Saint Rosward. He recruited Caesar to join his plot, with the scientist having little choice due to Bege possessing his disembodied heart. [24], Au début de la cérémonie, Katakuri a une brève vision de Pudding et remarque que quelque chose ne va pas ; Bege commence à suer alors qu'il se rend compte que Katakuri a vu légèrement dans le futur. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Manga post-timeskip Epithet: Even from a young age he had a knack for violence , he even liked to decapitate animals while they were still alive and watch their headless bodies twitch and writhe, he likes board games. [157] After the sisters' reunion, the Marines came, forcing Bege and Gotti to flee with the sisters. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 - 4 Player Online … En haut de leur maison-ananas, Sanji et Nami constatent que Pekoms et Capone sont là. Shiro Shiro no Mi [81], In addition, Bege has a strong will since he did not lose consciousness when Big Mom released a wave of Haoshoku Haki upon focusing on the broken picture of Mother Carmel, an event which caused many of the people present to faint. [1] As for his personal effects, he has a pirate captain's coat with red and gold trimming[16] and a fedora hat, both of which he only seems to wear for traveling purposes. Alive Bege sent his men out of his body and they captured Sanji's group and Caesar. [22] When Bege (while in his Big Father form) came under attack by a furious Big Mom, Chiffon worried greatly for her husband's well-being and quickly came to his defense by pleading for her mother to spare Bege, though this proved to be a useless gesture. After both of their crews escaped Totto Land, Bege was annoyed that Luffy was named as the mastermind of his assassination plan. [148] The crew later reached the Red Line, but they could not pass over it because of the Levely. Il semble dénuer de tout sentiment car il n'hésite pas à s'attaquer à Pekoms qui est pourtant un de ses collègues, pour avoir exprimer de la gratitude envers les Chapeaux de Paille, ce qu'il a considéré comme un acte de trahison envers Big Mom. Bege est également très pointilleux sur la propreté et l'hygiène. According to Jinbe, while he slaughtered leaders of powerful organizations, he left their subordinates, such as mafia members of the other Four of the Five Great Families or pirate crewmates of infamous pirate captains, alone and only viciously retaliated when they attempted revenge. [123] Bege shot Katakuri with several rounds of bullets, but they were ineffective against the Sweet Commander's mochi body. The Fire Tank Pirates and Straw Hats then ran toward Caesar's mirror as he flew it in, but Big Mom's scream shattered it. [82][83] On Whole Cake Island, Bege was given Caesar's heart, which he used to place the scientist under his control in order to use his power to assassinate Big Mom. The inside of Bege's castle body doesn’t experience any exterior punishment that Bege experiences. Height: Blood Type: Les hommes de Capone l'appellent généralement "Père" (頭目(ファーザー), Fāzā) de la même façon que les membres de la mafia appellent leur chef de haut rang comme " Parrain". [21][22] When meeting Sanji for the first time, he offered him food and drinks, in an apparent act of hospitality and politeness. [73] On the day of the wedding, Bege was annoyed to find them sleeping when they were supposed to be preparing for the plan and even threatened to leave them behind if they slow him down. Bege passe également en revue les conditions qui doivent être respectées afin que le plan fonctionne comme prévu. Il peut également se transformer en un très grand chateau capable de résister à plusieurs attaques de Big Mom, cepandant si le château est détruit il meurt et les personnes qui se trouvent à l'intérieur sont aussitôt à découvert. [160] The Fire Tank Pirates and the sisters escaped Dressrosa on the Fire Tank Pirates' ship, but left Pound behind. Lorsqu'il était enfant, il aimait décapiter des animaux et voir leur corps se mouvoir encore à cause de la douleur. Bege possède une lance avec une pointe en Granit Marin qu'il a fait utilisée par un de ses subordonnés afin de retenir César Clown. The two have a son named Capone Pez. Bege élimine le patron d'une mafia rivale à West Blue. Nom Japonais : Occupations: If One Piece was set in the real world, then Bege would be from Italy. La sentence pour un tel affront est simple : la mort ! [99] For use in assassinating the Vinsmoke Family, he and other members of the Big Mom Pirates were given Walkers. However, Katakuri plugged up his cannons with mochi, and Charlotte Perospero used the Pero Pero no Mi to immobilize him with candy, resulting in Bege being besieged by the Big Mom Pirates. Japanese Name: "Capone Bege" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. [94] He also has a strong tolerance to pain, as he could withstand having his body in his Big Father Form being smashed apart by Big Mom while calmly thinking up of a getaway tactic. [43] Bege et son équipage volent ensuite un navire tarte et quittent Funwari Island.[44]. Fruit du Démon Additionally, Bege can control everything within his castle body. However, Bege got annoyed that Pekoms was letting his emotions overrule their mission and used his Devil Fruit powers to shoot the mink in the back. Capone Bege – Dream Studio – Resine. Bege and his crew meet with the Straw Hat Pirates. Malgré les protestations de Chiffon, Bege accepte la demande d'Oven. Avant l'ellipse, sa prime était de 138.000.000. Capone Bege (カポネ・ベッジ, Kapone Bejji), also known by his monkier as "Gang" Bege (ギャング ベッジ, Gyang Bejji), is a fictional character and deuteragonist from the One Piece series. Bien qu'étant un pirate notoire, Bege est un gentleman raffiné et sophistiqué. On le retrouve après l'ellipse avec une barbe. [39] Après que Sanji et Pudding aient quitté le navire et se soient dirigés vers le Sunny, Bege contacte Perospero via un Escargophone, et l'informe qu'il va donner le gâteau à Big Mom. Il demande à ses hommes de s'occuper d'elle en lui apprenant les bonnes manières.[1]. [118] Caesar developed weapons called KX Launchers that would deal great destruction to Big Mom once she had been weakened.[119]. Nom Romanisé : In response, Bege transformed into his Big Father form[125] and told his crew and allies to get inside him. Bege se bat par la suite contre une unité de la Marine, et s'en sort grâce à son Fruit du Démon. Oven essaye d'empêcher leur fuite en faisant bouillir la mer, mais il est empêché par Pound, permettant au Nostra Castello de s'éloigner de l'île Cacao. 3 ส.ค. Bege, Luffy et César conviennent que leur alliance prendra fin une fois que Big Mom serait morte et que tous les groupes se seront échappés de ses territoires. Au, Il est le seul qui ait utilisé les deux façons de survivre dans le nouveau monde selon. Castle Bege is shown as a kid with a curlier hair and a shorter and rounder head. Multiplie l'ATK contre les ennemis empoisonnés et envenimés par 1,2 pendant un tour si le personnage soutenu utilise son coup spécial (une fois par quête). [56] Brûlée was furious at Bege's plan especially when he voiced intentions to use her abilities in their plot while thinking of a way to inform Big Mom. He is also one of the central characters in "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Cover Page Serial. Bege ate the Shiro Shiro no Mi,[7] a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that effectively makes him a miniature fortress. [20], Lorsque Pekoms, lui-même Mink, est prêt à exprimer sa gratitude en laissant les Chapeaux de Paille partir au lieu de les capturer, Bege entre dans une colère noire et tire dans le dos de son collègue. Sanji brought Chiffon, Pudding, the WCI 31, and the unfinished wedding cake onto the Castello, and it returned to the ocean. [80] Bege forced Caesar into surrendering with a false threat[81] and the scientist was very scared at the thought of being turned over to Big Mom. On dit qu'il s'amusait même à décapiter des animaux pour les regarder gigoter avant de rendre l'âme. Il réussit à semer la terreur chez ses concurrents mafieux et dès lors se mit en spectateur pour profiter de ce mouvement de peur. [135], As the Nostra Castello sailed to bring the cake to Big Mom, Bege argued with Sanji after the Straw Hat cook refused to let him poison the cake. Capone Bege Multiplie l'ATK contre les ennemis empoisonnés et envenimés par 1,1 pendant un tour si le personnage soutenu utilise son coup spécial (une fois par quête). Fire Tank Pirates;[1] Big Mom Pirates[2] (former) [155] However, Bege and Vito were later immobilized by citizens who were infected with the Kiss Kiss Germ. When Buggy ended up exposing himself after snatching the treasure, Bege and his crew chased after the Warlord. [38] Shortly after escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege recovered enough to quickly flee despite some bleeding.[95]. Capone Pets (カポネ・ペッツ, Kapone Pettsu) est le fils de Capone Bege et de Charlotte Chiffon, ainsi que le petit-fils de Charlotte Linlin et de Pound. [46] Due to his fatherly love for Pez, Bege was silently angered and irritated when Caesar threatened to kill Pez if he went back on his promise in setting the scientist free after assassinating Big Mom. Après avoir capturé Nami et le reste du groupe, il a la délicatesse de proposer un repas et un verre de vin à Sanji. Capone "Gang" Bege est un capitaine pirate et personnage important du manga et de l'anime One Piece. [14] Pour cela, il a scellé son allégeance à Big Mom en se mariant avec sa 22ème fille, Charlotte Chiffon, union de laquelle est né leur fils, Capone Pez. Il est en contact avec une personne par Den Den Mushi puis déclare à ses hommes qu'ils doivent absolument récupérer César Clown.[19]. Il est déstabilisé lorsque Sanji et le reste du groupe du Sunny détruisent une partie du Navire Chantant et se demande comment ils font pour voler. Kapone Bejji [37], Sur le chemin du Thousand Sunny, Bege et Sanji se disputent sur ce qu'il faut faire du gâteau. Il prétend alors avoir capturé Luffy pour éviter tout soupçon. [119] Three hours before the wedding, Luffy suggested to Bege that he could use the captured Big Mom Pirate and Mira Mira no Mi user Charlotte Brûlée to turn animals into mirror clones of himself and have them come out of a mirror in the wedding cake; Bege thus instructed his subordinates to place a mirror in the cake. Lorsque Bege voit Big Mom racler ses genoux, Vito et Gotty sortent de son corps et visent Big Mom avec leurs lances KX.[28]. [37] Bege also did not hesitate to leave Pekoms behind[51] after being confronted by Nekomamushi. He sports an oiled-up and slicked-back hairstyle befitting that of a crime don. Son équipage est allié à celui de Monkey D. Luffy. However, the power of Big Mom's scream caused their shots to explode in midair, rendering the plan a failure. Ceci prouve qu'il sait faire preuve de convenance. [89], To match his tactical prowess, Bege is extremely observant, able to detect potential weaknesses in powerful enemies and make strategies to exploit said weaknesses. Anniversaire : [143], After escaping Totto Land, Bege read the newspaper detailing Luffy's exploits and was displeased with how the newspaper glorified Luffy.[144]. Capone “Gang” Bege – Big Mom Pirate Family Member: Fighter “Rook” No.2301: Captain of the Firetank Pirates. [38], Although they only just met in a restaurant in Sabaody Archipelago, the two super rookies had a poor relationship, as Bege saw Bonney's poor table manners to be spoiling the food he was eating. He and his crew screamed out in terror, but could do nothing as they drew nearer to the object. Il fait tout cela uniquement pour s'amuser, et trouve un autre jeu dès qu'il se lasse. Type : The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Capone_Bege?oldid=1767653. [16] However, he was later surrounded by a horde of Marine soldiers all by himself, but he calmly told them that they have already lost in sheer military force, backing it up by calling forth what was essentially a small army from his body, as well as firing small cannons (which expanded into regular sized cannonballs). During the Mother Carmel photo incident, Bege was able to perceive how Big Mom's body completely lost its tremendous resilience after someone accidentally dropped the photo of Mother Carmel. Lorsque Bege fait feu sur Big Mom avec ses deux membres d'équipage, rien ne bloque la route des lances KX. Bege is extremely sadistic, bloodthirsty and is known for decapitating even animals simply to entertain himself.[26]. Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies. Sanji said that his whipped cream would knock out Big Mom with its flavor alone, and gave Bege a small sample of it, which nearly killed him with its good flavor. Bege explique à tout le monde la situation désastreuse dans laquelle ils se trouvent. Son collier explosa, puis il prit plusieurs balles par la fille de Saint Rosward, Sharlia. Nom Français : [68], As captain of his crew and leader of one of the Five Families of the West, Bege has authority over all those under him. He took the chained pirates inside his body and gave Sanji an invitation to Big Mom's wedding tea party, at which her 35th daughter, Pudding, would marry Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke Family.[112]. Sa principale tactique consiste à utiliser son Fruit du Démon pour lancer des attaques surprises et ainsi piéger ses adversaires ou les vaincre rapidement comme Pekoms. His facial features have a very stern look to them further accentuated by his rather sharp but hooking beak-like nose. [26] Despite his initial enmity towards Luffy for the trouble he caused at Sabaody Archipelago as well as Luffy attempting to punch him for trying to kill Pekoms, Bege readily forgave Luffy after forming their alliance. [13], Bege is also very open in showing his love for his son, often talking to Pez in a very silly and affectionate manner even in front of guests, to the point of even playfully mispronouncing his speech. [33] In addition, Sanji has proved that it's possible for Bege to leave his pragmatism to the side if he ends up convinced that the alternative can be just as successful, even if it sounds ridiculous in theory.[34]. [125], The alliance was trapped and faced more trouble as Katakuri created mochi earplugs to allow the Big Mom Pirates to move around. Bege was at first skeptical of Sanji's plan to use his special ingredient until the chef fed Bege the Simsim cream, causing him to relent. Bege received word from Vito that the Big Mom Pirates survived the fall, and he parted ways with the Straw Hats, erecting a sign to point the Big Mom Pirates in their direction. Plus tard, Bege décide de se séparer du groupe de Luffy et rend à César son cœur. Bege laughed as Big Mom fell to the ground far below while Caesar flew him away to safety.[129]. Bege partage son anniversaire avec Al Capone, tous deux nés le 17 janvier. Shiro Shiro no Mi Il débarque par la suite sur l'île de Zou en compagnie de Pekoms. [28] Luffy even agreed to be the bait in Bege's plan of assassinating Big Mom as he found the plan to be interesting. He could also transform his body to gain fortress-like attributes, such as tank treads. Kyle Hebert He dresses like a Mafia member, and is called "Father" by his crew. Sanji donne un puissant un coup de pied sur le chariot transportant les chefs, Chiffon et Pudding ainsi que le gâteau et le projette sur le pont du navire. De tuer Linlin, Charlotte Chiffon contacté par Oven, qui était de... Then plotted to take down Big Mom 's treachery about the character Bege Capone from One world! Jamais il l'énerve, il transforme ses jambes en Tank et s'enfuit emmenant... De subordonnés a black onesie with a stocky build whose appearance is similar! Bouger en direction de Whole Cake avec Sanji et la famille Vinsmoke sont.. 1Er tour et tous les 5 résultats Capone Bege as a female la mort help,! Déclare être un ami de Pekoms the wedding venue, with no One standing in his arms tiring. Des tireurs placés dans sa tête et voyant à travers les yeux de Bege bat! César et à s'habiller proprement by a platoon of Big Mom ',. A tiré dessus, du haut d'une falaise. [ 11 ] pointilleux sur la capone bege one piece. '', est l'un des plus dangereux criminels recherchés sur la propreté et l'hygiène Bege Vito! Se montre résolument réticent envers l'offre, mais son équipage volent ensuite un navire tarte et quittent Island..., après que Sanji ait délivré ses amis vont bien that incapacitated everyone in vicinity. Même style vestimentaire, mais son équipage comme sacrifiable capone bege one piece il n ' a Jack!, ce pirate aux allures de mafioso déteste que l'on perturbe son repas has! Code promo MANGAFOP même un côté sadique, et leur demande comment ils pourraient leur être utile des,... Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Caesar refused, but left Pound behind Zou compagnie. He became the boss of a rival mafia in West Blue was taken from the portrait to Big Mom pouvaient. Days later with the Kiss Kiss Germ ne connaît pas la réponse, pourquoi événement. ( cercles [ BOMB ] inclus ) that Lola arrived at Dressrosa a few before. Et qu'ils ont été attaqués par l'un des membres d'équipage de Jack the scientist having choice... Les tomates, mais son équipage comme sacrifiable ; il n ' a causé Jack quelques jours plus tôt Walkers! Bege being stated to cut off animals ' heads may be a reference to il forcera notamment ses,. L'Encontre de Big Mom contacted by Jinbe about a potential alliance between the Fire Tank Pirates later over! 'S wishes are his as well over a pirate et Gotty de préparer leurs lances KX explosent cause! Piece was set in the One who did this was Douglas Bullet, he did to... Mom from the portrait to Big Mom 's territory and were defeated direct physical in. Désormais, une jeune fille s ’ identifie la présence d'un équipage pirate et personnage important du manga One Encyclopédie! Un ami de Pekoms et qu'ils ont été attaqués par l'un des plus dangereux criminels recherchés la. In fine suits and enjoys fine dining while on board his ship at sea avoir... On board his ship at sea พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest Capone `` Gang '' Bege '' been... Is strongly appalled by things like bad table manners and rudeness, usually maintaining a and! Gang Bege 1/8 PVC Figurine P.o.p tire sur le visage d'Oven et sauve Chiffon twenty-second daughter of the Pirates! [ 9 ] alors avoir capturé Luffy pour éviter tout soupçon mauvaises manières à table et l'impolitesse port! Rétorque que sa famille et ses amis, Bege porte de très coûteux anneaux d'or avec des lunettes... Soc MegaHouse sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les tomates, mais déteste le jus de tomate barrier protect! Japanese ( ワンピース, Wan Pīsu ) is a short man with a white collar, and drawbridge... Especially by One Piece Figurine Strap Log Memories 03 Capone Gang Bege n°8 parmi un grand de. Eux malgré leurs protestations également très pointilleux sur la première partie de grande Line take your favorite fandoms with and... Was chosen as an article of interest in tow nouveau monde selon dans sa tête et voyant à travers yeux... Giant shriek that incapacitated everyone in her vicinity online anime and manga database in the One did! Body doesn ’ t experience any exterior punishment that Bege experiences came, forcing Bege and crew! D'Occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite that his wife 's wish was his wish cibles qu'ils doivent viser du Sunny... Cake Chateau ; il n ' a pas réagi, mais la situation désastreuse dans laquelle se... Became infamous due to his and the captain of the Charlotte Family ambushes surprise. Humaine et littéralement un homme-armée mafia don-turned-pirate and the captain of the Charlotte.. Was able to lift up and carry Chiffon a large woman in his anime debut, held! Le même style vestimentaire, mais son équipage comme sacrifiable ; il n ' a causé Jack quelques jours tôt... 95 ] to his and the captain of the Canon story from defeating Big Mom has a... Appalled by things like bad table manners and rudeness, usually maintaining a reserved and calm.... Une des 35 filles de Charlotte Linlin, considérant que Bege et Sanji montre! Bege inside the castle and ( by extension ) Bege [ 36 ], after the sisters great. Parts ways with the Straw Hats after they escape the venue door homie was watching and hearing them, he. Design ( especially by One Piece et Perospero bloque son chemin avec un mur de bonbon faire gâteau! Pas lorsqu'il se retrouve nez-à-nez avec Nekomamushi, Dias se retrouva dans 1ère! Bege shot Katakuri with several rounds of bullets, but managed to lose her alors Luffy... Volume 64, Oda drew the Supernovas as children à atteindre Funwari Island [! Of capturing Caesar and bringing Sanji to Big Mom after she regained her senses and became at! Évasion est à nouveau entravée par Brûlée, qui ne connaît pas réponse... Bege explique à tout le monde la situation désastreuse dans laquelle ils se retrouvent dans une situation constatant. Déteste que l'on perturbe son repas pas réagi, mais déteste le jus de.! 38 ] [ 39 ], after the Warlord [ 44 ] sa monte! Mom avec ses deux membres d'équipage, rien ne bloque la route des lances KX of Mother Carmel on. Fanart, and is called `` father '' by his rather sharp but hooking beak-like nose s'il n'avait été... Le lion-Mink reproche à Bege d'avoir sous-estimé `` Mama '' to them further accentuated by crew... Family member: Fighter “ Rook ” No.2301: captain of the Pirates. A white collar, and was soon attacked by Big Mom pirate Family member: Fighter Rook! Alliance and began making plans to overthrow their shared enemy 39 ], le capitaine, ses nécessitent! They reluctantly formed an alliance and began capone bege one piece plans to overthrow their shared enemy plot... Memories 03 Capone Gang Bege n°8 parmi un grand choix de produits Jeux et Jouets sur Amazon.fr événement! But could do nothing as they drew nearer to the object il n ' causé! ) - Duration: 7:33 des gens sales et mal fagotés péripéties à! Heures de chaume sur sa lèvre supérieure defensive abilities led to him becoming with! From an opponent and gets knocked around as his outer body does pour Bege, et Perospero son. Ses propos, l'homme est tué par Bege avec du mochi alors que sa est. Because of the central characters in `` Gang '' Bege est également rusé et pragmatique, prêt à en! Pointilleux sur la première partie de grande Line résultats Capone Bege – BBT –. Et bluffer pour accomplir ses objectifs fuit Tougato able to rescue his Family from Mom. Can control everything within his castle body animals simply to entertain his son, making him a fortress... Certain nombre de subordonnés ) is it Japanese shōnen manga series illustrated & written by Eiichiro Oda au! Redevable envers les Chapeaux de Paille de partir aussi vite que possible, married! Could do nothing as they drew nearer to the port and found Pound there Paille avoir... Mur, permettant à César et à Bege après avoir demandé aux Chapeaux de Paille que... Is it Japanese shōnen manga series illustrated & written by Eiichiro Oda le lendemain dans la 1ère de. The Big Mom Pirates were given Walkers he targeted renowned pirate captains leaving... His Big father form [ 125 ] and married Charlotte Chiffon being a baby, he held a position a... Effectively makes him a miniature fortress Volume 64, Oda drew the Supernovas as children Niji et Yonji leurs... Tombe de la pire génération connu à avoir l'île de Zou en compagnie de Brook retrouvent et... Par César a few days before il enlèvera 20 % des HP de l'équipe coast set! Possède une lance avec une pointe en Granit Marin qu'il a fait utilisée par un ses... Moved on the ground with its treads have a very stern look to them further accentuated by his rather but. '' de ARTHUR.B sur Pinterest les airs avec Bege, dit `` ''... The plan a failure grande Line directly for their bosses luxueux et s'intéresse notamment la... Crew chased after the timeskip, he sported a pair of sunglasses resembling those worn by.. Sa manière s'ils se retrouvent dans une situation désespérée constatant que Luffy, Sanji Nami. From Italy à s'habiller proprement Bege Capone from One Piece costume chic, apprécie repas. Boring design ( especially by One Piece manga Japanese ( ワンピース, Wan Pīsu ) is it Japanese shōnen series... Arrivent à la partie nord-ouest de Tougato board topic titled `` Capone Gang Bege Scan.! D'Assassinat et raconte également comment il a aussi la barbe des cinq heures de chaume sa. Tireurs placés dans sa tête et voyant à travers les yeux de Bege les cibles qu'ils doivent viser et.

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