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Official Statistics: Director of Public Health Core Tables 2018 – published 6 December 2019 It mostly consists of hospital deaths, but also includes coronavirus-positive deaths in care homes and the community that are reported by the health service. The Substance Misuse Database is an online data collection system that captures information on people presenting to services for treatment with problem drug and/or alcohol use. Welcome to the NISRA Geography web pages where you can access and download a range of maps and digital products that support the use of geography in developing statistics. Around 4 per cent of carers are young people aged under 18. The most common age group for clients presenting to treatment was 26-39 years for both drug misuse only clients (39.7%), and for drug & alcohol misuse clients (44.3%); however clients accessing services for misuse of alcohol only tended to be in older age-groups with 71.5% being 40 years and over. During this time period the Department has continued to liaise with service providers to improve the quality and coverage of the information. To view statistics for your local area please enter your full postcode, for example BT9 5RR. The report is divided into sections covering: supply, energy, social renting demand, private renting demand, owner occupier demand and household characteristics. COVID-19 and the production of statistics, Weekly Deaths Bulletin – week ending 8th January 2021, General Register Office for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland was an integral part of the United Kingdom, but under the terms of the Government of Ireland Act in 1920, it had a semiautonomous government. We are always looking for ways to improve our site so please drop us an email at info@nisra.gov.uk. Statistics covering 2017/18 and 2018/19 were not published due to concerns that information returns received by the Department of Health were not sufficiently comprehensive and that coverage was not at a level suitable for publication. However, for those clients presenting to treatment for problem alcohol use only, two-fifths were female (41.9%). The growth rate of the country is very slow but consistent. Date published: 46. if(window.da2a)da2a.script_load(); COVID-19 DashboardCOVID-19 - Daily Dashboard Updates - PDF VersionsNorthern Ireland Children's Social Services Data during COVID-19COVID-19 mobility Department of Health: Children's Social Care Statistics for Northern Ireland 2019-20 (previously Children Order Statistics) The children's social care statistics for Northern Ireland provide data collected from each of the five health and social care trusts for children in need at 31 March and year ending 31 March, including the total number children in need known to social … 0.33% to 0.78%, adding around 6,100 to 14,500 people each year to the total population. In this section you can learn more about the Code of Practice for Statistics, Pre-Release Access and find out who produces Official Statistics in Northern Ireland. Matches, statistics, season records and charts. , Lifestyle choices and behaviour statistics, Northern Ireland Termination of Pregnancy Statistics 2019/20, Swann: Please stay at home if you have symptoms or have Covid-19, Plan to eliminate hepatitis C in Northern Ireland, Pre-departure testing for all International arrivals to Northern Ireland. More than one in ten drug use clients reported ever having injected (13.9%); of those who had injected, more than a quarter (26.9%) reported having shared injecting equipment at some time. Cancer survival is improving, with 56% of patients surviving for five years or more, however survival in Northern Ireland still lags behind … The report summarises information on people presenting to services with problem drug and/ or alcohol misuse and relates to the 12-month period ending 31 March 2020. //-->